Free Food.
Comida Gratis.

An image of the founder Latisha Springer painting wood to be used in a Free99Fridge housing.

Who we are

Free99Fridge is an Atlanta-based grassroots organization committed to fighting for food justice & addressing the needs of our neighbors through mutual aid. We provide high quality produce and non-perishable food at no cost to anyone who wants or needs it via our community fridge network. Our community fridges are stocked and maintained by volunteers, growers, and local businesses who see value in supporting their community. This is a community-run, community-backed effort. Our crew of volunteers make this project what it is. We are a solution-oriented collective aiming to build up community and end food disparities in Atlanta one fridge at a time. Join us!

Free99Fridge was founded on July 19, 2020 by our queen misfit, Latisha Springer, who is too busy making shit happen to write a bio right now.

What is a community fridge?

A community fridge is a refrigerator that is placed in a public space to enable food to be shared, at no cost, within a community. Anyone can take food out or put food in. This is a mutual aid initiative—not charity. What’s the difference?

Two people are in a warehouse painting a pair of fridges bright yellow.
The two fridges from the previous picture are seen. A person is sitting on top of them, adjusting the roof. They are preparing an outdoor shelter for the fridges in preparation for use outdoors.
The two fridges are now complete in their hut, stocked with food, and a dry goods pantry next to it. A person is kneeling, praying in gratitude towards the completed fridges and their free food.

The three main objectives of community fridges

1. Eliminate food waste;

2. Provide easy access to fresh, healthy food; and

3. Encourage people to connect with their community.

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