Take what you need.
Give what you can.

Ways To Give

There are many ways that you can provide mutual aid to the community with what you have. Provide to the community with what you do have so that all may be able to take what they need.

Food and Goods

All of our fridges are available 24/7 to receive food donations.
Each fridge also has a dry pantry area for nonperishable goods.
Feel free to drop off anytime following the dos and don’ts below.

If you are a business looking to reduce food waste or donate large quantities of food, please contact us!


✔ Fresh Fruit
✔ Fresh Vegetables
✔ Breads + Pastries (with packaging)
✔ Non-perishable pantry items (e.g. rice, pasta, canned food, etc)
✔ Frozen Foods (NO raw meat)
✔ Sealed prepared meals (w/ use-by date + ingredients labeled)
✔ Sealed homecooked meals (w/ best by date or prepared date + ingredients labeled)
✔ Fresh eggs (w/ best by date)
✔ Unopened dairy products (w/ best by date)
✔ Pet food
✔ Cooked meat and lunch meat
✔ Personal hygiene products (e.g. toothpaste, lotion, individually wrapped toilet paper, pads, tampons, etc.)
✔ Personal protective equipment (e.g. masks, gloves, hand warmers, etc)
✔ Individually wrapped plastic utensils
✔ Baby food + formula + diapers


❌ Raw (UNCOOKED) Meat
❌ Alcoholic beverages
❌ Unlabeled, multi-ingredient items
❌ Unsealed prepared meals
❌ Expired items
❌ Sharp objects (e.g. scissors, knives, needles, etc.)
❌ Oral medication
❌ Prescription drugs
❌ Household furniture or items (e.g. tables, blankets, pots, etc)
❌ Clothing (e.g. jackets, shoes, etc)
❌ Pet supplies (e.g. cat litter, brush, flea treatment, etc)
❌ Children’s toys
❌ Condoms
❌ Anything you wouldn’t feed to your family

You can also support us with goods by purchasing from our Free99Fridge Amazon Wishlist!


Wanna help? Our greatest need is FOOD. Contribute food, following our donation guidelines, to your nearest Free99Fridge to share with the community FAMILY. Other opportunities include performing wellness checks. Wellness checks are performed 2 times a day to ensure our fridges are clean, sanitized, and organized.

  • Cook and prepare homemade packaged meals and leave them in your nearest fridge! You may shop for ingredients from your fridge as well. Ensure your meal is labeled with all ingredients, and dated with a “prepared on” or “enjoy by” date as well.
  • Visit a fridge and perform a wellness check to ensure our fridges stay clean and tidy: Join our Slack and also check out our volunteer FAQ
  • Give our community a breakfast drop! Join our Slack so we can coordinate drops!
  • Have something else you can offer? Contact Us


Are you a business in Atlanta?
Interested in hosting a community fridge?
Are you able to provide outdoor space for a fridge?
Can you provide an outdoor electrical outlet?
Would you be willing to share approximately $15-$20 of electricity per month?

If you answered YES to all of these questions, please click here to apply to host a Free99Fridge.