CBS46 features Free99Fridge

A neat set of canned foods sits in a pantry. There are Navy beans, buttoer beans, and sweet corn visible.

“Local organizations help those in need throughout the metro”

As the Holidays approach, small organizations across metro Atlanta are preparing to give back to those in need, and looking for volunteers willing to help.

The Young Generation’s Movement in West Atlanta will be handing out fresh produce to folks in the community Tuesday, November 24th. The event will start at noon and go until 3:00 p.m.

Founder Julious Khalid says they are still collecting produce donations and are accepting volunteers to help with handing the groceries to those in need.

In other parts of Atlanta a handful of refrigerators sit outside locally owned shops. The organization Free99 Fridge offers the unhoused fresh food, necessity items, books, and even toys.

The outdoor non-profit organization is looking for donations at each of its sites:

  • Hodgepodge Coffee House
  • Joystick Gamebar
  • Best End Brewing
  • Lost-N-Found Thrift Store
  • Poor Hendrix Restaurant
  • Le Petit Marche
  • Community Movement Builders
  • My Parent’s Basement

The Free99 Fridge outside locations are open 24/7 for drop off and collection.

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