A cartoon image of Latisha in her pink turban. Her eyes are droopy and she holds up a sign that says "FAQ". She is wearing a Free99Fridge t-shirt and blue feans.

Why the name Free99Fridge? / What does the “99” stand for?

“free99” is an urban expression used to describe the price of an object or service that should‘ve cost you money, but you got it for free instead. Our community fridges provide high-quality food for $free.99, so the name was a no-brainer for me.

Where are the fridges located?

Free99Fridge locations are in Atlanta, Georgia.

How can I donate food?

Our fridges belong to the community + are open 24/7/365. Anyone can contribute food to share with the community any time following our donation guidelines. No contact or permission is required. Simply go to a Free99Fridge and put the food inside the fridge and/or pantry.

How can I help?

Our greatest need is food to keep our community fridges filled. You can contribute food to any of our locations at any time. You can also visit our SUPPORT page to learn all the ways you can aid this project.

How long have you been operating?

This social project was started by Latisha Springer, MBA on July 19, 2020.

I don’t live in Atlanta, but I wanna support your work. What’s the best way to do that?

Please visit our SUPPORT page to learn all the ways you can aid this project from near and far.

Do you accept ___?

Our donation guidelines outline what is acceptable to contribute to our community fridges. Still unsure of whether the item that you’re wanting to contribute is acceptable? Ask yourself – “Is it edible?” If not, please find another organization to share your item with.

Why don’t you accept raw meat?

We do not accept raw meat because community fridges exist on a very thin line between legal/not legal. Raw meat puts us in a dangerous position to be flagged by government health agencies. We’re trying to keep Free99Fridge in ATL for our community.

I have a fridge I wanna donate. Do y’all accept fridge donations?

We sure do! All of our existing community fridges were gifted to us used by members of the community family. But, and however, we have all the fridges we can handle at this time and are not currently accepting fridge donations.

Are donations tax deductible?

Contributions and/or gifts to Free99Fridge are NOT deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes.

Why aren’t you a 501c3 nonprofit?

Free99Fridge is a brightly colored, food-filled fuck the system. It would be a hypocritical oxymoron to be supported + sanctioned by the system we’re fighting against. Autonomy is critical to us remaining a lean, agile, action-oriented mutual aid initiative.

How do I get a Free99Fridge in my city/neighborhood?

We are not taking on any new fridge locations at this time. We need more community support to sustain existing locations before having capacity to consider additional locations.

I need food. How do I apply to get some? / Who do I need to talk to?

We do not require any applications or screening to get food. Free99Fridge locations are open 24/7/365 to all members of the community. Go to your nearest Free99Fridge and take what you need, friend. You do not need to be unhoused to utilize the fridges. All are welcome.

I’m not homeless. Can I still get food out the fridges?

Our community fridges exist to support the community. You do not have to be unhoused or meet any other obscure definition of “needy” to take food from our fridges. All members of the community are welcome to use any of the Free99Fridge locations. Please visit a Free99Fridge today and take what you need and/or want.

How do I start my own community fridge?

The best way is to just START. Anyone can do a community fridge. It’s not hard. It is A LOT of work.

What are the requirements for being a Free99Fridge location host?

We are not taking on new locations at this time. We need more community support to sustain existing locations before having capacity to consider additional locations.

Which location has the most need?

There is no Free99Fridge location with the most need. All of our locations are filled and emptied by the community every 1-3 hours.

Which food items move the fastest? / What are the best items to contribute?

We don’t have any “most needed” items. We serve a very diverse community w/various needs that are ever-changing. Don’t overthink it! Share some of your favorite foods. They’ll love it!

Do all locations have microwaves installed?

No, they do not. However, we serve housed and unhoused friends at our fridges, so a microwave installation on-site should have no effect on your contribution location choice.

Do you accept microwave donations?

No, we are not accepting microwave donations at this time.